MECACYL HD - Hyper Penetrating oil

MECACYL HD - Hyper Penetrating oil

Hyper-Penetrating Oil - AEROSOL

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MECACYL HD is an essential hyper-penetrating oil for the maintenance of any mechanical parts, bearings, cables, pulleys, locks under any conditions (marine, construction site, DIY, workshop...)... Professional and private use.

The use of the MECACYL HD hyper-penetrating oil has the following effects:

- Unclogs


- Cleans

- Hyper-lubricates

- Anti-moisture

- Anti-corrosion

- Protects for a long time

Data sheet

Product name HD
Type of product Hyper-Penetrating oil
Product colour Orange
Advantages Unjam, Deoxidize, Cleaned, Hyper-Lubricant formula, Protect for a long time
Types of uses Boats, Carriages, Trimmers, Crane, Forklifts, Cultivators, Tooling, Dollies, Lawnmowers, Pallet Truck, Winch, Chainsaw, Bikes, Yachts
Used for Penetrating oils
Frequency of use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Instructions for use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Warranty The set of hyper-lubricants MECACYL is assured by the company AXA, The manufacturer warranty is protected
Certifications REACH
Gains générés Clearing and treating, Grease, release and protect mechanisms


MECACYL HD - Hyper Dégrippant