MECACYL HV - Hyper Lubricant

MECACYL HV - Hyper Lubricant

Hyper-Lubricant - For maintenance of all mechanisms (bike chains, bearings, gardening tools...)

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Used by cycling champions looking for better performance or by amateurs, MECACYL HV will optimise performance each time you pedal by limiting friction.  MECACYL HV also helps decrease mechanism wear. Easy to use, it is the perfect complement for maintenance of your bike and all your equipment with chains, bearings and micro-mechanisms.

The use of the MECACYL HV hyper-lubricant has the following effects:

- Protects chains, pedals and bearings

- Nearly perfect mechanism slip

- Suppleness

- Anti-oxidation

Data sheet

Product name HV
Type of product Hyper-Lubricant
Product colour Green
Advantages Protection for chains, pedals, bearings, Anti-oxidant, nearly perfect mechanism slip, Suppleness
Types of uses Watch making, Scale models, Micromechanics, Model-making, Bikes
Used for Gearing - Bearings
Frequency of use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Instructions for use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Warranty The set of hyper-lubricants MECACYL is assured by the company AXA, The manufacturer warranty is protected
Certifications REACH
Gains générés Grease, release and protect mechanisms
Référence HV