MECACYL NAUTIC - Winches - Sheaves - screws

MECACYL NAUTIC - Winches - Sheaves - screws

Hyper-Lubricant for Boats - Special Winches - Sheaves - screws

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  • With its burette bottle format which makes it easy to apply, Mecacyl Hyper Lubricant Winches - Sheaves - Worm gear -
  • Bearings is the ideal complement to your navigation, motor or sailing. Mecacyl Hyper Lubricant Winches - Sheaves
  • - Worm - Bearings is indicated on all metal-to-metal friction systems.
  • It can be used undiluted, and a few drops are enough to protect sensitive mechanisms that cannot be
  • greased : winch bearings, sheaves, worm screws ...
  • Mécacyl Hyper Lubricant Winches - Sheaves - Worms - Bearings releases the mechanisms and prevents oxidation. No
  • corrosive, its great sliding properties and protection against humidity and salinity make it the perfect companion for
  • multi-purpose on a boat.

Data sheet

Type of product Hyper-Lubricant
Types of uses Boats, Sailling boats, Yachts
Used for Winch, Sheaves, Feeder screw
Référence WRFLBUR125NAUT
Sécurité Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi.
Précautions d'emploi H319 Provoque une sévère irritation des yeux.


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