MECACYL - Turbo, PFC & EGR Cleaner

MECACYL - Turbo, PFC & EGR Cleaner

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For professionals only


In order to restore the EGR valve, FAP and Turbo to their original function, the Turbo, FAP & EGR cleaner has been specially designed to remove deposits from unburned combustion.

It cleans and cleans the engine air supply circuit, which is heavily fouled by the recycling of part of the burnt gases.

This treatment is particularly recommended if your vehicle is contraindicated for the use of Mecacyl HJD.

Data sheet

Product name Turbo, PFC & EGR Cleaner
Type of product Additif
Advantages Reduces fuel consumption, Reduces pollution, Economie
Types of uses Bus, Van, Motorhomes, Truck, Lorries, Sport vehicles, Classic cars, Light vehicles, Utility vehicles
Used for Additives
Référence BM904I


Nettoyant Turbo, FAP & EGR