MECACYL CR-P - Special hydraulic tappet formula

MECACYL CR-P - Special hydraulic tappet formula

Hyper-Lubricant - Special Hydraulic Tappet Formula - High Kilometre 4-stroke engines - Petrol, Diesel, Gas

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A variant of MÉCACYL CR, MÉCACYL CR-P offers effective care for all hydraulic tappets. 

The use of the MECACYL CR-P hyper-lubricant has the following effects:

- Limits noise and even stops knocking

- Tappet maintenance

- Limits wear and protects mechanical elements

- Extends the useful life of your engine

Data sheet

Product name CR-P
Type of product Hyper-Lubricant
Product colour Midnight blue
Advantages Limits wear and protects mechanical elements, Extends the useful life of your engine by limiting wear, Tappet maintenance, Limits noise and even stops knocking
Types of uses Bus, Boats, Bulldozer, Van, Motorhomes, Fishing boats, Loaders, Carriages, Ferries, Truck, Crane, Harvester-Threshing machines, Fishing boats, Liners, Excavators, Oil tankers, Lorries, Container ships, Tugboat, Lawnmowers, Tractors, Chainsaw, Hybrid vehicles, Light vehicles, Non-licensed vehicles, Utility vehicles, Sailling boats, Freighters, Yachts
Engine type 4-Speed, CDI / HDI / TDI, Commonrails, Diesel, Petrol, LPG, Hybrid
Used for Special engine 4-speed
Frequency of use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Instructions for use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Should not be used with Huile siliconées, paraffinées et graphitées, Moteur en cours de rupture (fuites d'huile, compression hors-service, ...), Voiture diesel équipée d'une vanne EGR refroidie par liquide de refroidissement
Warranty The set of hyper-lubricants MECACYL is assured by the company AXA, The manufacturer warranty is protected
Certifications REACH
Gains générés Maintain pushers, Preparing for a technical inspection, Engine power and performance, Protect engine and oil, Reduce consumption and pollution
Référence CR-P
Sécurité Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi.
Précautions d'emploi H319 Provoque une sévère irritation des yeux.