How do you use MECACYL HJE in your petrol car engine?

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Mécacyl HJE is the perfect complement to Mécacyl CR; economical, 1 200 ml bottle of Mécacyl HJE can protect the valves for 15-20,000 km. 
Mécacyl HJE is a complementary hyper-lubricant for petrol engine powerheads for quick valve protection in old or unleaded vehicles, for gas vehicle engine powerheads and now for biofuel engine powerheads. 
Mécacyl HJE also helps maintain the combustion chamber by removing combustion residue and more specifically lubricates the upper engine against contaminants and dry fuel.


  1.            Use Mécacyl HJE around 2,000 km after an oil change with Mécacyl CR and vice versa.
  2.            Always blend well when refuelling.
  3.            For Mécacyl HJE, alternating it with the diesel oil to blend it well when refuelling. The engine must be hot; in other words, at operating temperature.

Regular maintenance for petrol / ethanol vehicles:

  1.            1/3 of a well-diluted bottle when refuelling 40 to 60 litres of fuel every 5,000 km.

Classic vehicle/Gas vehicle:

  1.            1 to 2 well-diluted capfuls maximum in 20 litres of fuel.
  2.            3 to 4 well-blended capfuls without anything.
  3.            Start the process again.


If poorly mixed or quickly passed through, the non-flammable and non-fusible Mécacyl HJE hyper-lubrication can lead to lags in acceleration. If this happens, dilute the Mécacyl HJE by regularly refuelling.

When overdosed, Mécacyl HJE can whiten the spark plugs. Then, they may need to be changed!  So, do not use too much.  If you wish to use Mécacyl HJE and your spark plugs are a bit old, plan to change them after using Mécacyl HJE.


-          Clean combustion and injection.
-          Easier anti-pollution control.
-          Offers silence and suppleness.
-          Protects valves (E85, Gas ...).
-          Enable a change to non-leaded.