How do you use MECACYL HD?



Mécacyl HD is an essential hyper-penetrating oil for the maintenance of any mechanical parts, bearings, cables, pulleys, locks under any conditions (marine, construction site, DIY, workshop...)... Professional and private use.

Frequency of use:

For curing purposes: as necessary.
For prevention purposes: each time they’re cleaned.


1 - Spray Mécacyl HD on the parts.
2- Let soak in 5 to 10 min.
3 - Unblock as necessary by continuing to spray to release the mechanism.
4 - For extreme blockage or severe rusting, soak in a 
Mécacyl HD bath for 12 hours.
5 - Clean.

For prevention, regularly spray on your parts and mechanisms.


-          Fast action.
-          Cleans and deoxidizes.
-          Unclogs.
-          Hyper-lubricates.
-          Creates an anti-oxidation barrier.
-          Protects for a long time.