How do you use MECACYL GR1 for your chains?

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Mécacyl GR1 guarantees non-variable and non-fusible intra-metal hyper-lubrication and smokeless combustion. It stays in the same position without shape memory.

Frequency of use:

Each time maintenance is done.


1- Clean the surfaces to be treated (ideally with Mécacyl HD).
2- Spray or apply Mécacyl GR1 to the parts to be greased.
3- Let stand 5 to 10 min.
4. Start the system.


-        Stable operation.
-        Ideal temperature resistance.
-        Limited temperature increases.
-        Silent operation.
-        Less or no vibration.
-        Antioxidant protection.
-        Less wear.
-        Mechanical protection.
-        Less maintenance.