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The experts

Our sales representative Antoine Bayeurte spoke with Mr José de Lima, Manager of Garage De Lima in Balma at 78 route de Castres on the outskirts of Toulouse. The owner, a big Porsche fan, has 30 years of experience and is highly loyal to this prestigious brand. 1400 m2 of shop surface are dedicated to maintenance and customisation as well as engine preparation for Porsche Cup competitions. Fans can find real gems in the 600 m2 showroom.


Mécacyl: Good morning José.  How did you find out about Mecacyl?

José de Lima: In 2005, one of your sales reps came to see me and offered a demo of the effectiveness of your products using a frictiometer. The obvious capabilities of the product tested immediately convinced me to use Mecacyl for my competition vehicles and in the maintenance of my customers’ Porsche vehicles. I couldn’t pass it up.


Mécacyl: Which Mecacyl product do you use?

José de Lima: Mainly Mécacyl CR, but also Mécacyl HY for transmissions.


Mécacyl: What type of results have you seen with the use of these products?

José de Lima: Undeniable engine performance, more torque, better power, less heat increases. The engine breathes so much better and can release all of its power.

There have been no more engine breakdowns at Porsche Cup competitions and I’ve noticed a drop in oil consumption.

I blend Mécacyl with 15/50 Motul.

I trust these products 100%.

I also use Mecacyl CR in my jet skis. All of my friends’ engines have broken down at least once. To date, I’m the only one who hasn’t ever had any problems with the compression rings (friction rings). An engine costs €6000!

They are surprised to hear I’ve never had an engine break down. I tell them I use Mecacyl and why.


Mécacyl: Would you recommend Mecacyl?

José de Lima: Absolutely! Other than better engine performance, Mécacyl helps limit premature wear in the mechanical systems.



An interview with Mr Igor CELANT, Manager of the company Panzer Custom, a mechanics and transformation shop which specialises in Harley Davidson


Mécacyl: Can you tell us a little about what you do?

Igor Celant: I’ve got a mechanics and transformation shop that specialises in Harley Davidson - motorbikes and engines as well as the maintenance of all Harley Davidsons.

Mécacyl: How long have you been in business?

Igor Celant: Since 2003.

Mécacyl: What were you doing before you opened your shop?

Igor Celant: I had worked at the Harley Davidson dealership in Dijon for 10 years.

Mécacyl: How long have you known about Mécacyl?

Igor Celant: For about fifteen years.

Mécacyl: How did you find out about Mécacyl?

Igor Celant: Word-of-mouth through a Ducati driver who was using Mécacyl at the time and was quite satisfied.  He convinced me to try it.

Mécacyl: Which products do you use the most?

Igor Celant: Mainly Mécacyl CR.

Mécacyl: How do you usually sell it?

Igor Celant: ¾ through maintenance and the rest direct sales.

Mécacyl: Do you offer Mécacyl maintenance packages?

Igor Celant: No, but I automatically offer it in my shop services / quotes with customer approval.

Mécacyl: Do you use POS displays or any other resource?

Igor Celant: No, I only have the documentation.

Mécacyl: Do you recommend these products?

Igor Celant: Yes, absolutely.

Mécacyl: Have you got any sales tips?

Igor Celant: Yes.  I often demonstrate the power of Mécacyl with a new bearing. I turn it in front of the customer and then add Mécacyl and turn it again. And the customer really understands the benefits of Mécacyl when it comes to friction each time.

Mécacyl: Have you got any anecdotes with Mécacyl and any of your customers to tell?

Igor Celant: Yes.  One of my customers has got a 2001 Sporster 883 which currently has 120,000 km - at the 90,000 km check I used Mécacyl on the engine and he quickly told me he noticed a lot more suppleness and a more silent system. Ever since then, my customer has been loyal to Mécacyl with each oil change to the extent that he even uses it in his second motorbike.

Mécacyl: What’s best about Mécacyl for you?

Igor Celant: The effectiveness, whether in engines or transmissions, as the suppleness is unbeatable.

Mécacyl: Thank you for your trust and your loyalty

Bernard Camou, an automobile expert, former head of a large vehicle dealership shop, who has worked with Dutch and then German heavy-duty vehicles, the manager of an automobile inspection company, is considered a renowned professional.

“We’ve known about Mécacyl for 15 years; have been using it for 15 years and have been recommending it for 15 years. I’ve never heard of any problems using it whether for protection, maintenance or, above all, all types of cost savings on fuel, durability, extending the life of engines, transmissions, assisted steering, etc. both in cars and heavy-duty vehicles. Mécacyl is the only way to save and gain 4, 5, 100 times the cost of its use over the years. When someone uses Mécacyl, you can see the immense savings that are possible, the impressive decrease in CO² and even zero or near-zero CO during technical inspections. Mécacyl has given me “automobile comfort”.

I once purchased an H.S. DCI engine from Mécacyl with 230,000 km which just drank up oil and released exhaust and had other problems. I spent two months dismantling this engine that was considered “dead” by the brand’s agents and dealers. And the results speak for themselves: stronger pressure rates than when new - a diesel engine that starts up without heating with the silence of the best petrol engine that doesn’t use Mécacyl, the unbeatable conditions of the rod bearings - they were better than new - you could even still see the machining grooves on the segments, none of the engine parts were worn, the valves were a perfect grey... There is not a single machine today with the same engine that can compare with a Mécacyl engine. No more oil leaking, better than new, economising (less than 5 litres/100).

Bernard CAMOU”