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“I purchased a 4x4 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD with a short chassis which consumes 12-14 litres of diesel fuel every 100 km. As a regular Mécacyl consumer, I began treating my vehicle as follows. I added Mécacyl HY to the transmission, the front and back axles and the transfer gearbox after changing fluids. I treated the oil in the lower engine with Mécacyl CR. After a few thousand km, I treated the high engine with Mécacyl HJD as recommended in the Mécacyl instructions for use. Results: the more the kilometres driven, the better overall performance observed with my 4x4; more torque, immediate engine response, a much suppler transmission, less exhaust smoke, less exhaust odour (meaning better diesel fuel combustion) and fuel consumption that has dropped to 9 litres in semi-urban driving. I used Mécacyl CR-P with the last oil change.  It really makes good on the promises as the noise, knocking, vibrations... have completely disappeared since the first engine start-up. It’s truly outstanding. My 4x4 dealer couldn’t even believe it. I’ve already gone 2,000 km since the last oil change and my vehicle just keeps on working better and better. I would really encourage the use of Mécacyl products (I’ve been using them for more than 10 years).  And if you have any questions about how to use them or if you want more specific information, you can contact their very friendly and effective team of technicians as they’re always willing to help find the right answers.”

Daniel L. 23/08/2017

“I bought a 1000 Honda Varadero motorbike two years ago with 7800 km. It rumbled a bit and the engine didn’t really turn well. I first used Mécacyl CR for the lower engine. After 1000 km, I added Mécacyl HJE to the fuel. The engine very quickly started turning more regularly with faster starts and better compression as well as cleaner exhaust. The combustion must have been ideal as there were no more bad odours coming out of the pipes. There was more power and suppleness, which is nothing minor in a heavily coupled bicylinder engine. The engine noise changed too.  It became more “deaf” and hushed. I noticed how the consumption went down significantly the more kilometres driven. My fuel consumption fell below the manufacturer’s claims when it’s usually the opposite. After first cleaning my secondary transmission chain, I applied the hyper-greasy Mécacyl GR1 with a brush. Impressive! The noise inherent to a transmission chain operating disappeared after a few revolutions. There was nothing from the gearbox cog-wheel or the back cog-wheel. The chain doesn’t “touch” the plastic parts that guide the chain anymore. Another surprising point: the chain turns a lovely metallic colour as if new. What’s more, it continues to show this lovely look and the grease doesn’t dry on the peripheral parts not in contact. You don’t see the black fouling anymore that accumulates with other lubricants designed for the same purpose! The quantity to be added is really low once the chain gets “accustomed” to the hyper-greasy  Mécacyl GR1. Again, bravo for this product!”

Daniel L. 23/08/2017

“Hello.  Thank you for your answer and especially for the instructions. Nonetheless, I know about Mécacyl because I’ve used it before as an experiment with the French police fleet (cars and motorbikes) when I was head of the Doubs Group automobile shop in Besançon from 1997 to 2003. I talked to Mr Persyn several times about how to use it. I’ve never been disappointed with these products (Mécacyl CRMécacyl HY and Mécacyl HJD) and their effectiveness (the 306 16S we had recovered their cutting edge speed). As far as the fuel savings, I’ve never really looked at the figures, but I do know that the drivers mentioned changes in the driving (suppleness, less noise, easier gear changes).”

Christian P. 09/05/2017

“Hi.  Thanks to Mécacyl CR, I was able to ride up a hill of about 1 km without engine oil.  The engine showed no signs of trouble afterwards. If you have some, I’d like some Mécacyl stickers and business cards as I believe I’ll get to a million km with your product. I’ve got a 1999 306 1L9 turbo diesel with 302,000 km on it.”

Jérôme L. 25/04/2017

“Hi.  Thanks for your response.  I can confirm your product, Mécacyl BVA, is working really well. Ever since I added it, I really feel like the transmission reacts better and is suppler. Thanks again and Happy New Year!” 

Jan DB. 10/11/2016

“Hi.  I’d like to congratulate you on your product Mécacyl HY. I’ve got a Renault Safrane known for a very weak PK transmission. Since I had a problem with the bearings once before, I reworked the engine and decided to use your product for a little more assurance. So, this is my story.  Ten days ago, I noticed an oil leak in my car but didn’t worry much.  As the days went by, there were drops everywhere I stopped. Yesterday, I decided to take a better look and I saw a drop under the transmission.  I thought it was a weak transmission problem and that I needed to add some oil for compensation.  And that’s when it all began.  I added an oil syringe, then another and upon adding the third, oil just started pouring out.  It turns out the gimbal joint was destroyed, and the problem wasn’t exactly recent. So, I drove nearly 1000 km without any oil in the transmission and there’s been no problem since I had the gimbal joint replaced. Great job!  Your product truly works. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Rémi M. 30/09/2016

“Hi.  I’ve got a Renault 21 turbo diesel which I’ve ‘Mecacyled’. It’s now got 311,000 km.  The turbo starts up right away and accelerates with a turbine effect. I haven’t noticed any wear in the bearings.”

Antoine T. 01/02/2017

“Very satisfied with how my Peugeot is working. The petrol consumption has dropped from 11 to 9 litres per 100 km.”

Philippe B. 28/08/2017

“I’d like to let you know about the improvements I’ve noticed in my Fiat vehicle after using Mécacyl: clear improvement in the engine torque, less diesel oil consumption and a perfect anti-pollution inspection, which even surprised the inspector.”

Quentin C., 15/03/2017

“Hi.  I’d like to express my satisfaction with Mécacyl CR.  I use it in my two vehicles (an Opel Zafira 2.0 di and an Opel Astral 1.6 petrol) and I’ve seen an obvious difference. Thank you!”

Armand M. 21/01/2017

“Hi.  I went to a demo for this product (a long time ago) in Cestas (my parents live in Gradignan) and it was really eye-opening. So, now I want the benefits of this hyper lubricant. Thanks in advance.”

Louis A. 04/04/2017

“Hi.  The effects of Mécacyl in the engine oil in my Espace 3 2.2 td have pleasantly surprised me.  I feel like it’s an all-new engine. I can’t wait to try Mécacyl HJD.”

Paul SG. 28/10/2016

“Hi.  Thanks for your information.  I’ve been using it for a month and my car works wonderfully and much better. Thank you very much.”

Vincent G. 12/04/2017

“Hi.  Someone told me about this product 10 years ago now and I’ve been using it ever since.  I’m totally convinced! In my opinion, the cost is more than worth it due to the lower fuel consumption, which I estimate to be around 1/2 litre (in a petrol engine; I don’t know about diesel).  The engine turning is more stable, there’s obviously less vibration and can even go down no problem from 100 to 150 t/min; the suppleness is also better. The smoke - there’s also a strong odour that bothers your nose and mucous membranes upon adding the product - it’s all normal.  It’s the “defouling” effect and there could very well be a whole lot to defoul with the 1st use! I recently saw a penetrating oil that I also recommend.  It comes in a spray, I believe, but the effectiveness is the same.  I bought a bottle a long time ago and it’s still not empty.  It’s amazing! I’m not an employee and I don’t get any commissions, so my comment is absolutely impartial. ;)”

Prosper L. 11/10/2016

“I’ve been using Mécacyl for years in high-kilometre engines and it’s really effective.  It reduces metal to metal friction with a film on the walls. It’s just as effective with the transmission.  The synchros catch less and it operates more smoothly, and the rotation is more silent in transmissions with terminals.” 

Hector F. 25/05/2017

“Hi. I’d like to say I’ve been using your product Mécacyl CR for some years now and I’m very happy with the results.”

Pascal G. 03/03/2017

“I tested Mécacyl BVA in my Pajero 3.2 Did. I did a 10 litre + Mécacyl oil change = more suppleness and smoother gear changes. I drove 6000 km and added another 100 of  Mécacyl BVA. Unbeatable gear changes, you don’t feel it anymore, fuel savings of around 1.5 litres. I drove another 6000 km. Another dose of  Mécacyl BVA = 2 litre savings. Ultra-fast transmission, silent parking brake, engine braking has completely disappeared. Thank you! I’m going to continue testing the rear axle assembly with Mécacyl HY.”

Yves M. 22/07/2016

“Hi.  Mécacyl CR is undeniably the best in the world.”

Théo B. 30/09/2016

“Hi.  I dived right in and invested in Mécacyl CR and I’m really satisfied. After 50 km without any real difference, I just drove 450 km today (Megane 1.4 e 93,000 km) with just 1/4 and a half a tank and I really noticed a huge difference in the engine power (I must have recovered the 5CV lost with the catalyser). It is hyper-silent, supple and drives better on low gear.  I’d recommend you keep plenty of stock because I’ll be using it again and again. Thank you very much and I’ll certainly promote it.” 

Bryan M. 11/01/2017

“Dear Sir/Madam, I’m writing to you to offer my first impressions of the use of  Mécacyl CR and Mécacyl HJD, which I’ve just added to my vehicle engine and in the fuel. I’m just absolutely amazed with the results. My E270 Mercedes CDI 5-cylinder automatic transmission with 205,350 km had become really noisy upon starting and a little “slow” after just 400 km.  It no longer knocks and it’s just like new.  The gears change must easier and it’s certainly due to better engine torque. Another thing I noticed was the better fuel combustion as I started accelerating rather harshly on a hill which forced the transmission to slip back down to get the engine moving again, there was a lot of smoke. It goes without saying that there’s no more smoke now after only 400 km. I’ll let you know about my results with Mécacyl, the consumption and more, after driving a few thousand km.”

Pierre-Olivier J. 25/08/2016

“Hi. I’ve had a 1987 Renault 21 turbo diesel for 4 years, which I immediately ‘Mecacycled’ given the good mechanical conditions. Nowadays, it “only” has 311,000 km and runs perfectly. I was able to lower the engine turning to around 620 tr/min without any vibration. The engine brake is mind-boggling compared with recent models. What’s more, and nobody I know of talks about this. The turbo starts up right away and accelerates with a turbine effect for more power with speed. I haven’t noticed any wear in the bearings which is a product feature I didn’t think about in the beginning. In short, I’d like to congratulate everyone who helps make Mécacyl products and sell them. Thanks again.”

Christophe B. 02/11/2016

“Hi. I’ve been using Mécacyl in each of my vehicles and I’m very pleased.”

Michel S. 11/06/207

“Thank you. As they say, Mécacyl breakdowns don’t exist. None of my vehicles that have been treated have ever had any engine problems, not even my show motorbikes, Subaru Imprezia and lorries. There’s a real power gain with each treatment. Thank you for bringing us products like this.”

Joseph G. 28/03/2017

“Hi.  I’m a very good Mécacyl customer. I’ve been using it for 14 years and it’s saved my transmission and axle assembly.”

Pierre B. 09/11/2016

“Hi. Thanks for your products. My son told me about them at Christmas. I first used it in my VFR800 (2000), with a little apprehension. But, I must say that I became quickly convinced of the benefits of this product. So, I’ve taken the liberty to do a little advertising for you on Facebook on motorbike and car fan pages. You might not think much of it. But in this world, where everybody complains non-stop, it’s good now and then to mention something that really works well. Thanks again for taking the time to read my note.”

Patrice A. 05/05/2016

“Hi. I’m sending you these photos of 3 of my cars that have been maintained with Mécacyl. A tuned 97 Subaru Impreza with 185,000 km, a tuned white Honda Civic VTEC (in the back) with 245,000 km and a black Honda Civic VTEC with 265,000 km. In my opinion, Mécacyl CR is really effective in making an old engine young again. And Mécacyl HY does miracles in a transmission that is beginning to wear down. As for Mécacyl HJE, it really seems to work well.”

Oscar F. 28/10/2016

“I just ordered Mécacyl CR BioEthan. It’s the 4th time I’ve used this product in each oil change every 15,000 km. For more than 60,000 km I’ve only used E85. My Mercedes SLK now has a total of 304,000 km so I used Mécacyl CR BioEthan with each oil change. I had a cracking problem when going into second gear. After doing a fluid change, I added Mécacyl HY and haven’t heard any cracking since. I’m really satisfied with these products.”

Camille W. 21/11/2016

 Mécacyl HY is an excellent product I absolutely recommend, which I use in cars, vans and motorbikes. The entire line of other products is just as effective. I use a lot of their products and they’re no doubt the best on the market.”

David D. 22/06/2017

“Mécacyl is a legendary brand. I’ve added Mécacyl HY to my assisted steering and my gear box and I’ve noticed much better manoeuvring and better speed flow. It’s deal for a car that’s more than 10 years old. It’s a pleasure driving something that seems new again!”

Mickaël L, 05/09/2016

 “ Mécacyl HY is an excellent product which I absolutely recommend. I really have nothing more to add as it’s all found on the packaging. I’ve used it for a number of years. It’s the best on the market, in my opinion.”

David D. 22/06/2017

 “ Mécacyl HY is an excellent product I absolutely recommend, which I’ve been using in cars and vans for 17 years. The other products in the line are just as good. For me, it’s the best product on the market (I’ve tried the others without great results). You can blindly trust these products.”

Davis D. 22/06/2017

 Mécacyl HJE is the best product when using “dry” LPG or E85 fuel. I use E85 and my mechanic recommended I treat it with 1/2 a bottle every 3,000 kilometres.”

Damien O. 18/11/2013

“I began using Mécacyl HJE when my petrol/LPG dual-fuel engine began to have major idling and clamping problems when cold or hot, which is quite annoying with the traffic in Ile-de-France. I added a little more than 1 capful for 10 L of petrol.
And at the same time, I stopped using SP95 E10. Looking back, I think it’s because of how old my engine is (2004 vehicle), which was probably designed for leaded fuel, even if it worked well in the beginning. And with LPG... So, ever since I started using this product, the engine seems new when I drive with petrol blended with hyper-lubricant. I’ve driven around 215,000 km. I’m going to test Mécacyl CR with the next oil change.”

Charles N. 27/06/2014

 Mécacyl CR BioEthan is an excellent product, highly noticeable engine descaling, a change in engine behaviour as it’s more silent, more torque and a better response when accelerating in addition to fuel savings (around 1 L every 100 km) on a friend’s car. There’s no injection blockage (207hdi with Mécacyl HJD). In short, it’s well worth the money. I’ve been able to test almost all the products in the line and it’s a top French product!”

Hippolyte A. 28/06/2017

 “ Mécacyl AER is a very good product. I’ve been using Mécacyl for several years in my motorbike, my cars and now in my jet ski and there’s been no problem at all. I would absolutely recommend it.

Laurent H. 30/04/2017

 Mécacyl GR1 is the best. Everything is great about it and the service is excellent. They’re real pros who are always listening and offering great advice. I recommend Mécacyl to everyone. There’s actually nothing else like it. I’ve been using it for everything for years: my car, my motorbike, my bike and much more and nothing has yet broken down; all the mechanical parts work like clocks.”

Christian B. 29/06/2017

“I’ve been using Mécacyl CR and Mécacyl HJE for more than a year and the results are incredible. My car consumes much less fuel and I don’t hear any engine noise when stopping anymore (it was already rather quiet)... so, I recommend it!” 

Julien B. 09/07/2017

“I’ve been using Mécacyl for more than 15 years and it’s all guaranteed durability and peace of mind! The engines turn much better and you can feel a little power gain!”

Aris A. 24/08/2017 


“I’ve been using Mécacyl AER in my boat (a 300 hp 2-stroke engine). The effects are noteworthy as far as the fuel savings and engine silence. I really recommend it.
I’ve also discovered the penetrating oil, Mécacyl HD. It’s awesome. I’ve been able to unclench the old shackle nuts when no other penetrating oil on the market, not even the most well-known, had ever worked. It’s awesome and great!!!”

Olivier B. 06/09/2017

“I’ve been using Mécacyl CR in my motorbikes for years and I love the comfort it offers: no more vibration whatsoever and a real power gain. I obviously recommend it!” 

Guillaume F. 15/09/2017

“I’m a big DIY fan and I just discovered Mécacyl HD: it’s simple; I’ve never seen a product like it. I don’t know how Mécacyl could come up with such an effective penetrating oil. Rusted and blocked parts, very hard hinges and then there was a miracle!!! What’s more, it protects the parts. It’s great!” 

Jean-Christophe L. 22/09/2017

“I use it in my motorbike and 1967 Ford Mustang and I’ve noticed unprecedented comfort (no more vibration at all)”

Justpyjama Team 30/09/2017

“After being advised by Norauto, we used Mécacyl HJD for our Tiguan, which was a bit fouled up due to the many km travelled and my partner never really driving in high gear... there was more power after just a few km.” 

E-Bony Parquet 05/10/2017

“Triathlete, I ride my bike a lot. I heard that professional teams and clubs use Mécacyl HV. So, I tested it. The result: no more maintenance anymore without using Mécacyl HV. It’s crazy. I’ve noticed the difference in how the pedals, cartridges, chain and bearings work... It’s a real pleasure to ride. Buy it!”

Guillaume C. 10/10/2017